Form a Group

How to form a new group for the PMA in PDX

Minimum requirements

You'll need at least 5 people in a democratic process by April in order to register for the PMA. You will strive to send a representative to planning meetings(not required), and commit to read all resolutions and discuss as a group prior to the May 8th PMA. You should also consider submitting one or more resolutions for action.

Democratic process – here are 4 off the shelf options:

Have a focus for your group – what's the glue that holds your group together:

  • Group of friends – affinity group, easiest when you have some shared politics
  • Issue based – Health care, opposing the new bridge, opposing the police killing of Aaron Campbell
  • Make things better for you and yours – unions, student organization, neighborhood organization, community organization

How do we get a hold of you? – Have one or more ways to contact the group, email, voice mail, etc

Once that's all solid here are additional nice things to have:

  • Name for the group
  • Agreed upon principles
  • Email List
  • Website

Come big or come small: If you're part of a large organization that can't commit to the PMA process, but you have a small group of folx that want to, just come as that small group and be clear that you can't represent the whole large group.

creating democracy wants to help: – use the get involved form

Save the date: Saturday April 3rd – Form new groups, write resolutions for the People's Movement Assembly in Portland.