Resolution Feedback

How to share feedback on Resolutions for the PMA in Portland

  • Send an email to with the subject line of the resolution and we will add your comments to the resolution page. Ideally sending one email with feedback for all the resolutions would help.
  • You can also email the organizational contacts listed on the resolution, but if you do not also cc, then your feedback will not be viewable by others.
  • You could also share feedback over the email list. Your email will go to everyone so be thoughtful, so we don't spam each other.

What kind of feedback is most helpful?

  • Share your concerns
    • "My group will have trouble agreeing to this resolution because..."
    • "You might consider rewording this part to..."
    • "Can you add..."
  • General feedback helps too - we all like positive feedback
  • The goal is to have no major surprises on May 8th.
    • If you mostly agree with the resolution, it's perfectly fine to not share feedback.
    • Think about what kind of feedback you'd want.
  • Don't forget - it's about movement building - not hack and slash.