Resolution Process

What is a Resolution for Action?

Basic Resolution for Action content from USSF 2010 PMA Organizing Kit:

    • Because these conditions exist:
    • And because these opportunities are possible:
    • We commit to this action:
    • And call on others in the US to join us.

Two kinds of resolutions

  1. Resolutions where time/resources are not a barrier for agreement. This will be where we build movement analysis, movement vision, and movement solidarity. If they're well written, and not too politically radioactive, they should be agreed to. Public Healthcare for All, Oppose Evictions, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Support Right to Unionize(EFCA), etc. Hopefully many of these.
  2. Resolutions that require time/resources. Only 1 (MAYBE 2) could possibly be agreed to by all. All groups have limited budget and resources and existing goals, deadlines, obligations to meet. Campaign to transfer funds from corporate banks to State Bank, Day of action in support of _________, etc. This is exactly the big challenge and the potential power of the PMA.

Ideally each group would submit one of each. Would be good to set expectations that only 1 of the resource heavy resolutions will be agreed to by all.

Process leading up to PMA on May 8th.

Between now and April 17th. Invite and work with groups and help them understand this process and draft resolutions.

Deadline for group registration and resolution submission – Sat, April 17th

April 18- May 2nd Work with groups to review, discuss and share concerns with others' resolutions. Ideally resolutions shared with all as well as specifically with group who submitted resolution. Groups may modify their proposal to respond to concerns before the PMA on May 8th. Work to facilitate communication to make this process simple to understand as well as transparent. Ideally we should find no significant surprise concerns raised on May 8th, instead they should all get to the authors' 3 weeks before the PMA.

Deadline for groups to share concerns with others' proposals – Sunday , May 2nd

May 2nd – May 7th Groups have less than 1 week to modify their proposal to respond to concerns. Major modifications risk introducing new concerns. Again, should be no major surprises on May 8th.

Decision Making Process for May 8th PMA – 4 sessions:

Initial call for concerns or agreement:

Reading of full text of all resolutions(modified and not) asking representatives for any concerns. Resolutions should be read in 2 groups:

    • Resolutions with no substantial resource/time commitment. If there are no concerns with proposals from this group, they are considered to be agreed to by the PMA in Portland.
    • Resolutions with time/resource commitment. Since we obviously can't take action on all of these resolutions, concerns raised should be limited to major political, disagreement. Ideally most concerns have been shared and attempted to be addressed through preliminary review prior to May 8th. All resolutions with time/resource commitment move on to the next level along with any concerns raised(1-2 hrs.)

1st Level Discussion and Synthesis:

Break all representatives into clusters of 5 or more representatives to discuss resolutions that require time/resources and try to come to agreement on one. Requires great facilitation. Each cluster will send a representative to the next level. Proposals can be combined, reworked, but may risk concerns being raised in final confirmation. (2hrs min)

2nd Level Discussion and Synthesis:

Process repeats with 1 rep from each cluster of representatives trying to come to agreement on 1 resolution for action. (1-2hrs)

Ratification of resolutions:

Final step for ratification of the resolutions a call for concerns from all representatives on the 2 kinds of resolutions.

    • Any resolutions with no time/resource commitment that had concerns were raised in the morning session that have been modified to address concerns.
    • The resolution build from the 2 levels of discussion will have a final call for concerns. If processes were successful, there should be no concerns raised.
    • Resolutions agreed upon by all at the PMA in Portland will be sent on to the National Assembly in Detroit on behalf of the PMA in Portland.

(1-2 hrs)

If agreement cannot be reached on a resolution:

    • We will record for each resolution a straw poll of groups that do support it even if there are outstanding concerns or otherwise everyone cannot come to agreement with the time we have together.
    • This will be made available for all to share and continue to organize around and work to build agreement.
    • At their discretion, any group can on their own or in coordination with other groups still submit their resolution to the National Assembly even if everyone in at the PMA in Portland can't come to agreement on the resolution.