On to Detroit!

On to Detroit! For those of you who've missed it, the US Social Forum is this June 22-26th in Detroit, MI. People in the Northwest are mobilizing in many ways to get there including:

Proposed Agenda for NW Face-to-Face conversation prior to Detroit on June 6th in Olympia


    • Deepen the conversation for those heading to Detroit
    • Full northwest collaboration is rare - the USSF and the PMAs give us an opportunity
  • Discuss possibility of NW PMA in Detroit


  • What are our shared experiences, struggles, and strategies as folx from the Northwest?
  • Who is in the room? Who is not in the room?

Agenda 11:00-2:15

11:00 Intro - Organizers from Seattle, Olympia, Portland - 15 min

11:15 15 min each city - what's goin' on in your town, how can we work together - 45 min total

  • Seattle (and Bellingham?)
  • Olympia
  • Portland (and Oregon?)
  • Other cities?

12:00 Break into groups by sector or interest and get to know each other - 30min

  • Economic Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Immigration Justice
  • Queer Liberation
  • Labor
  • Student
  • Etc, etc, etc.

12:30 Lunch - potluck - 1 hour

1:30 NW PMA Discussion - 30 min

2:00 Next steps - before and after the USSF -15 min