Accessibility Statement

agreed to on Feb 21, 2010 by the PMA Planning Group

The PMA representative group commits to maintaining an open dialogue about issues of accessibility that routinely marginalize and exclude certain communities, and to actively engage questions and concerns about accessibility, including language and translation needs, sign interpretation, and wheelchair accessibility. Ways we commit to doing this:

  • Engaging in dialogue and brainstorming with impacted communities about ways of accommodating needs
  • Partnering with communities & organizations whenever possible to support full participation
  • Striving to make decisions that ensure greatest possible participation
  • Knowing that democracy means 100% participation, even when it seems this seems an impossible goal
  • Holding ourselves accountable when we find ourselves unable to accommodate, support, or address the needs of a specific community
  • Committing to honest and ongoing evaluation about our strengths and limitations in regards to issues of accessibility